Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How

TriFinance is all about putting employees first

Why we do what we do

The basic idea of TriFinance

“In the summer of 2000, I was the CEO of Vedior, the global staffing company. After 12 years of leading the company, I decided to move on. My journey had been successful and satisfying, but to be honest, I had enjoyed my very first job more than the last one. 

Along the way, I realized that the ‘old’ environment in which management development was a key Human Development function, had disappeared. In a lot of companies, opportunities for personal growth and furthering were being reduced by the laws of economics and efficiency. The talent pools were considered to be too expensive and the loss of talent was considered to be too big. 

On top of that I became convinced that the rat race in the fastlane should be structurally counterbalanced by reflection. 

I knew very well where I wanted to be: in a company based on one basic idea, the growth of people. So I decided to create it myself, with that exact purpose and why.

That company is TriFinance.”

Gert Smit
Founder & chairman

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“We are an honest expert who embraces independence, shows pragmatic pioneerism and has and shares in-depth knowledge in an open & equal ambience, to further people and partners. We have an intrinsic drive to perform."
We are a sincere challenger

Our Binding elements

Our Values

Values are important. They are building blocks of our identity and our unique way of working. Values can inspire people. They are an invitation to open dialogue, facilitating reflection on our behavior. They provide insight into ‘why we do things the way we do’. Our differentiating values make us stand out from the crowd, but we cherish trust, openness, responsibility and integrity as our core values, taking pride in idiosyncrasy, teamwork, and leadership by example as behavioral values.

Our values


Being open helps to evaluate new possibilities and alternative solutions and can turn criticism into opportunities.


We take ownership of our pragmatic “Do-How“ approach. That is how we bring solutions.


We always try to do the right thing while upholding our values. Never compromise yourself.


People work best when there is a strong foundation of trust. Therefore it is at the core of everything we do.

Personal leadership

Apply your values and life principles to your role as a leader. Don’t let time and chance determine your course.


Think things through & make decisions. Offer tangible & practical solutions that work in the real world,not only in reports.


Share, without expectations.

Intrinsic motivation

We are naturally driven to enjoy, explore, learn and further our potential.


Teamwork will always take us further, both on a professional and personal level.


We embrace oddness. It is where you diverge from each other that you add value to one another.

Leadership by example

Walk your talk. Do what you say and lead with your actions.

Our story started in 2002


Launch of the first ParkLane Insight company, TriFinance

Built as a contemporary human development company, we have the growth of people as our primary purpose. First offices are opened in Brussels and Antwerp.


Our organizational structure

Furthering people for better performance in Do-How being our purpose, our Hub approach will be at the core of our furthering proposition. 

Our CareerHub™ is like an airport: professionals coming and going, seeking new destinations by taking on challenging finance projects. It’s a working environment in which people can grow faster than in traditional businesses. They take their careers into their own hands, working towards well-considered career destinations.


Start activities in The Netherlands

TriFinance starts activities in the Netherlands and opens a first office in Amsterdam. This office is also the location of the Holding company, ParkLane Insight.


New offices in Düsseldorf & Ghent

We expand to Germany, a large market with a lot of opportunities, establishing our first office in Düsseldorf. To enhance our market presence and improve our national coverage in Belgium, we open a third office in Ghent.


New office in Rotterdam

We open a second office in Rotterdam, the second-largest Dutch city, home of Europe’s largest sea port and one of the best places in the world to do business. The larger Rotterdam-The Hague region hosting a number of world-leading business clusters, Rotterdam is the ideal place for TriFinance’s further expansion.


Our organization is growing fast

We want to become big, but we want to operate in small intrapreneurial cells, keeping our focus on the human dimension. We evolve into a business unit organization in order to combine the advantages of a large company and those of lean start-ups. It is the first crucial step towards our Operating Model.


New office in Louvain-la-Neuve

To increase visibility and market presence in the French-speaking part of Belgium, we open an office in Louvain-la-Neuve.


Living Me inc.®

We launch our Living Me inc.® tool. It’s a platform to support our people in creating their own career path and personal development plan. By defining their skills, competencies & aspirations, they learn to define their ambitions - ambition being the crucial parameter to facilitate and direct furthering.


Collaboration Platform

For our network organization, collaboration is key. We introduce our Me inc.® Collaboration Platform: a place where colleagues can find each other and share knowledge. It is an important part of our infrastructure to underpin our knowledge-sharing network organization. 




Start of Tri-ICT, the second ParkLane Insight company, bringing business and technology closer together. Tri-ICT applies our philosophy and way of working to new expertise domains, as such expanding our portfolio of services.



Personal Development Plan

We improve our processes and introduce mapping tools to get better insights into the ambitions of our people. They support the realization of the Personal Development Plan, integrated in Living Me inc.®. We also open our office in Hamburg, as a second step on the important German market.



New offices in Munich & Hasselt

Expansion in Germany and Belgium: we open offices in Munich (Germany) and Hasselt (Belgium). Munich is the third step.

Our Hasselt office sits at Corda Campus, a leading, new technology hub in the heart of the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion. The campus offers lots of facilities to start-ups and scale-ups, making it into a great location to expand our services.  


Introducing Plus Profiles

Furthering people and their careers remains our primary purpose. We introduce Plus Profiles to create a better match between the experience and the ambitions of our Project Consultants and the needs of our clients. Toolboxes are integrated in our Me inc.® collaboration platform. 


New office in Luxembourg

We continue our expansion with the opening of a new office in a 4th country, Luxembourg. 

Co-creation in a knowledge-sharing network

Co-creation and collective creativity do not occur automatically. At TriFinance, we facilitate the process through our organizational structure. 

TriFinance is a flexible, knowledge-sharing network organization of business units called Blue Chip Boutiques and Expert Support Units. Each Blue Chip Boutique assumes its own strategic function within our service portfolio. Supported by experts, our business units can benefit from specific shared expertise. This set-up combines the advantages of small, lean units with those of a large company.

How we do what we do


Me inc.® professionals



Offices, in 4 countries



Blue Chip Boutiques


Reinventing work with Do-How

Since we started TriFinance in 2002, we have made a lot of progress with the reinvention of work. That is certainly due to our purpose and approach, but also to the uniqueness of what we do. 

We have been creating a new market for a new combination of services that moves between staffing and conceptual advisory. It eliminates the disadvantages of both, with staffing often drifting into anonymous body shopping and advisory often lacking practical implementation, despite its high cost. Our new combination is pragmatic advisory. We call it Do-How. 

What we do

Who are the people behind our knowledge-sharing network organization.

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Our brands

ParkLane Insight is our management company consisting of different brands: TriFinance and Tri-ICT. 

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