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I do not find the right people to run my daily operations effectively

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My business processes (OTC, PTP, R2R) are not running smoothly

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I cannot provide the business with the required insights

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My closing and consolidation process is taking too much time

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Our costs are running out of control

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I miss the expertise to deploy a Scrum and Agile project management methodology

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Are you ready to leave your mark?

At TriFinance, we encourage our Project Consultants to take control over their own career, and we support them in doing so. Our purpose is to help them grow, and enable them to leave their mark. 

Find out for yourself and read their unique stories. 

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Business Continuity during Covid-19

The corona pandemic is having an impact on Belgium and on the global economy. Protective measures and arrangements taken by the government have a massive impact on our personal lives and the economy. All organizations now face many challenges and uncertainties. This is the time to make the right choices and to define the right priorities as a CFO, taking all elements into account. Contact our expert teams for fast and pragmatic support. The unique combination of our subject-matter expertise with straightforward, pragmatic and workable solutions will enable you to build resilience, strengthen the fundamentals, and focus on business continuity.

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A unique approach to guide your professional growth

We care about your professional growth. This often leads to new paths, new destinations and new ideas. We offer projects in line with your ambition and support you with mentoring and coaching, furthering your performance with learning & development opportunities and our firmly established culture of knowledge sharing.


Motivation is a key driver for personal growth and, consequently, the growth of your customers.

When our professionals grow, TriFinance grows. Our customers reap the rewards of our people’s intrinsic motivation. That’s why we prefer Economies of Motivation® above Economies of Scale.

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“We radically put our employees - Me inc.®’ers - first. This constitutes a win-win-win-situation for our people, our customers and our company.”

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