Rights of the Candidate

TriFinance respects your rights as a candidate


  • We don’t ask the candidate for any compensation.
  • We always work in an objective, respectful and non-discriminative way.
  • We never make any distinction on the ground of handicap, health condition or sexual preference, except when this is legally demanded or allowed.
  • We comply with the regulation relating equal treatment of men and women regarding working conditions, access to the work process, vocational training and promotion regarding access to self-employment.
  • We respect the personal privacy of the consultant. At your request, but only after terminating your assignment, it is possible to view your personal file.
  • We only use the information of employer - client and candidate for mediation activities.
  • You will always receive accurate information relating the nature of the assignment, the content of the function and the procedure.
  • Our personality and psychological tests are always supervised by a psychologist.
  • We select candidates - employees but the employer - client has the ultimate decision.
  • As a candidate - employee you are free to address other offices.

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