Our idea

Who: the network organization unravelled

A knowledge-sharing network organization

TriFinance is a contemporary and pragmatic organization where the growth of people comes first. We believe in a role based organization where employees can take ownership of different roles within their current function. This approach stimulates co-creation and increases economies of motivation.

Our operating model

We operate through a network of Blue Chip Boutiques and Expert Support Units, guided by a Leadership Team. The Blue Chip Boutiques take care of the daily operations whereas the Expert Support Units are process owners with expertise in a specific domain. The project team ensures the successful realization of projects for innovation, optimization and change.

The Board & The Leadership Team

The Board
The members of the board are Gert Smit, Gerbrand Visser and the Leadership Team.

The Leadership Team
The Leadership Team of ParkLane Insight supports the Blue Chip Boutiques and Expert Support Units and facilitates co-creation.

Gert Smit

Chairman of the Board & Founder


Gerbrand Visser

Vice-Chairman of the Board


Xavier Gabriëls

Managing Director & COO
Member of Leadership Team

Jaap Jan Smit

 Member of the Leadership Team


Pieter Smit

Member of the Leadership Team


Vincent van der Mark

Member of the Leadership Team

Blue Chip Boutiques

Our Blue Chip Boutiques are small entrepreneurial cells, each with its own focus and its unique expertise. 

Together, they deliver a new combination of services called Do-How. Traditional solutions in our business can be linked to either staffing or advisory. Do-How combines the strengths of staffing and advisory into new propositions.

Read more about our portfolio of services

Expert Support Units

Our Expert Support Units are internal experts and have as main target to operationalize the TriFinance philosophy: Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How. They are the process owners within our organization for embedding our desired way of working for Furthering People, communication and knowledge sharing.

Each unit is working in an integral and integrative way with the other domains in order to realize the highest impact. Our Expert Support Units are: 


Responsible for the process ‘from intake to alumni’, taking care of the growth of our Project Consultants. We see our company as a CareerHub™ which functions as a knowledge sharing network: a network environment in which one can grow faster than in traditional businesses. A company where people take their careers into their own hands. We want to be their Career Accelerator and Destination Finder. 

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