In a series of six online talks organized by TriFinance, Ann Desender (CFO Barco), Marc Raisière (CEO Belfius), Koen De Schutter (CFO water-link), Nicolas Macchia (CFO Delfood) and other top professionals discuss their career paths. They share their experiences and life lessons.

We explore how organizations can support their employees by stimulating career transitions. Careers are no longer about statically matching people to jobs for life, but about dynamically moving through change, strengthening people’s employability. Ans De Vos, chair ‘Next Generation Work: Creating Sustainable Careers’ at Antwerp Management School, introduces these topics with an academic reflection on career policy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to participate, mark your favorite parts to impact your career, uplift your (finance) team as a manager, or drive change in your organization. 

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6 online events with top-notch professionals sharing their life lessons and advice on careers and organizational models. An opportunity to discuss career trends providing new opportunities and challenges in a world where change is the only constant. 

Jan Mühlfeit, Ret. Chairman Europe Microsoft

In this final talk, we welcome Jan Mühlfeit

Jan is a global strategist, coach of executives and Olympic games winners and author of bestselling business book The Positive Leader. His personal mission is “helping individuals, organizations and countries around the world to unlock their human potential”.

Jan has a proven track record in building and leading successful teams, acquired through an extensive 22-­year career at Microsoft Corporation where he served in various executive positions. His last role with the high-tech giant was as Chairman Europe (2007–2014).

Together with Wim Dierickx, Business Unit Leader at Tri-ICT, we'll look back on the take aways of the various virtual C-level talks and discuss the current career trends and challenges. All with one purpose: exploring how you can leave your mark in your career

Get inspired and join us for the live broadcast on December 1, 1PM until 2.30PM.
Language of the session: English

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A book about career paths

TriFinance interviewed over 30 CFOs about their career paths and the choices they made to realize their ambitions. Through these exciting stories, top professionals show that there is not just one way to become successful. All the stories are unique, as they are based upon individual choices, starting with defining personal ambitions, and intrinsic motivation.

Order the book, mark your favorite parts and get inspired during one of our online talks. 


More information can be found here

Discover the stories of Ann Desender, Els Verbraecken and Eric Pulinx.

Get a sneak peek of some of the interviews in our book: “Zo maak je carrière in finance”, “Comment faire carrière dans la finance?” and “So machen Sie Karriere im Finanzbereich”. It is published by Acco and for sale in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. 

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