TriFinance opens office in Luxembourg

February 2020

Opening office in Luxembourg

Making People Grow

Beyond Advisory

February 2020. International consultancy network organization TriFinance recently opened an office in Luxembourg. This is the fourth country in which TriFinance operates after Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. With its 800 consultants, TriFinance provides a range of tailor-made services in finance and related issues, in risk management and operations.

Making People Grow

Making people grow is why TriFinance exists. At the heart of the network's mission are the career ambitions and well-being of its employees. That’s why we put the professionals we work with first. Their development is our primary purpose. We are convinced that this makes them happier and more motivated in their job. This leads to better performance and a win-win-win situation for the consultant, the client, and TriFinance itself. This way of working sets us apart from our competitors.

TriFinance is a Dutch-owned network organization founded in 2002 by Gert Smit, the former CEO of global staffing company Vedior. Together with Tri-ICT, TriFinance is part of the holding company ParkLane Insight. TriFinance now has offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Louvain-la-Neuve, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, and Luxembourg.

Beyond Advisory

We pride ourselves on the fact that we go beyond advisory services. Since we have a pragmatic and hands-on approach, we help implement our advice and proposals, always in co-creation with the client to ensure a working solution. We call this Do-How. 'Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How' is what we do. TriFinance operates through a portfolio of Blue Chip Boutiques. In addition to transition & support, interim management and project implementation through project sourcing, we also offer recruitment and selection services. Our multidisciplinary teams offer pragmatic advisory services to financial institutions, corporates and the public sector.

We stimulate the growth ambitions of our consultants and listen to the needs and wishes of our clients. We encourage employees to take their careers into their own hands. Because they draw up their personal growth plans themselves, they are responsible for their own development. That makes every consultant an entrepreneur within our organization, or 'Me incorporated’. That is why we call our professionals 'Me inc.®ers'.

TriFinance Support

TriFinance supports all its consultants with challenging projects, coaching, mentoring and appropriate training and education. We maintain close contact with our clients in order to stay aware of their challenges and deliver the right solutions.

This enables us to find the ideal match between the ambitions of our project consultants and the client's assignment. The eye-to-eye interaction between Me inc.®ers, our clients and our organization—the Tri in TriFinance—makes us unique, and perform over-and-above expectations.

About TriFinance

TriFinance is an international network organization that puts the growth of people first and offers many tailor-made services in finance, operations, and advisory services. The company employs more than 800 professionals - Me inc.® employees (me incorporated) - spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany. Thanks to this network, TriFinance can quickly establish new connections, and share and offer knowledge. The company offers a unique combination of services, bundling Transition & Support, Advice and Recruitment & Selection into a high-quality and pragmatic total package. The network organization does not deliver thick reports but concrete and appropriate solutions. With this Do-How approach, TriFinance focuses primarily on large and medium-sized companies, both in industry and in the services sector. Clients include banks, insurance companies and organizations from the public, semi-public and non-profit sector. TriFinance is part of ParkLane Insight, which also includes Tri-ICT

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