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The author of this articlePieter Van Brussel - Project Manager
Living Me inc.® (or LMI) is a way to reflect on and steer your own professional growth by reflecting on your realisations, exploring yourself, composing your development plan and realizing achievements. Truly typically TriFinance. Want to know how Pieter Van Brussel experienced his LMI? We gathered some inspiring thoughts to show you that the LMI can really boost your career.

A central concept at TriFinance

Living Me inc.® is a central concept at TriFinance. It is both a process and a tool for knowledge sharing and personal development within the company. This tool is a way to reflect on our realizations, ambitions, and growth and allows us to create our own growth plan which will be challenged by and aligned with the organization during an alignment meeting.

Furthering my career

I started consultancy with the idea to first explore different domains, organizations, and cultures. After some years working as a tester, business and functional analyst, I identified my energy providers and drainers. This helped me to know in which direction I wanted to steer my career. I wanted to grow as a Project Manager in the banking sector. My alignment meeting was the first step in making my ambition transparent to the team.

Going through the Living Me inc.® tool and process supported this self-reflection. I understood which skills and technical knowledge I had to develop to become a PM. After the alignment with my Blue Chip Boutique Leader and Care Manager, I got the confirmation that TriFinance wanted to actively support me to achieve this ambition. The necessary training sessions were organized, I took the initiative to join the Expert Team Project Management and the Business Managers searched for a new project in line with the plan. Thanks to the transparent discussions with the BaseCamp team I got the opportunity to also start learning on the job at my new assignment.

For me, the most important aspect of the Living Me inc.® process is the alignment meeting. After this alignment, TriFinance commits to supporting my growth with projects and training. It worked for me very well on two decisive occasions in my career.
Pieter van Brussel, Project Manager - Financial Institutions Belgium

New focus needed...and found!

Fast forward 1,5 years. Being a Project Manager didn’t really offer me what I expected. In the expert practice, I learned about Agile Project Management and it immediately appealed to me. After some discussion with my career coach, I learned that Agile was much closer to my personal values and principles and that I should refocus my career in that direction. I redid the Living Me inc®  exercise and convinced the Blue Chip Boutique Leader and Care Manager of this new direction and the many opportunities in this field. TriFinance was committed to supporting my growth and I could join relevant training sessions and an international conference (SAFe Summit in The Hague). This also enabled me to start an exciting project that was fully in line with my ambition.  

To further explore the opportunities in the Agile world, I co-started the Transformation & Project Management Expert Practice to enable business agility and achieve PM excellence for our stakeholders. We are a group of 8 project management and agile aficionados who further themselves and others in this domain. We are building a community and supporting our clients in their transformation and project management challenges.

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The author of this articlePieter Van Brussel - Project Manager

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