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In my four years at TriFinance, I discovered my passion for reducing risks in financial institutions via effective risk management and internal control. I will give you a sneak peek at my projects, challenges and personal growth path within TriFinance’s Business Unit Financial Institutions.


Over the past four years, I have worked on several projects at major financial institutions within the Belgian financial sector with a focus on the insurance sector. I have also performed missions in a post - M&A environment. My roles were diverse but always centred around risk management and effective internal control to reduce the risks of financial institutions. I have worked in the domains of Financial Reporting, Asset Liability Management, Project Modeling, Market Risk Management, Capital Management, Internal Risk Management Controlling and Finance Permanent Controlling. Within these roles, I was given multiple opportunities to improve my people management skills.

Why TriFinance?

TriFinance supports financial players by offering business expertise and a pragmatic approach on multiple levels. TriFinance is known for its economics of motivation. This means that the consultant, together with TriFinance, is in the driving seat to find the best-suited missions. Motivation ensures that we all go the extra mile. This allows us to define our own career paths. TriFinance Financial Institutions developed expert practices. I am part of the risk management and compliance practice which builds extended knowledge and delivers value-adding solutions in risk management, internal control and compliance.

My Challenges & Results

I will guide you through my challenges and results mainly in the areas of risk management, process improvement and people and stakeholder management.

  • Risk Management

When I initially started at TriFinance, a new legislation for the insurance sector was about to be rolled out: “Solvency II”. As an internal project for the Risk Management and Compliance practice, I decided to analyse this legislation in more depth. I wrote several summaries and developed my own view and expertise on this matter. Soon after, I had a project that demanded an in-depth knowledge of this legislation. Working as a risk management consultant, I was charged with the optimization of risk-return and related asset liability management topics. I worked and improved forecasting methodologies, Strategic Asset Allocations, interest rate mismatch optimizations and reduced market risks. I also controlled available free resources and SCR figures from a second level control perspective. Every day learning something new and benefiting from the synergies within the Risk and Compliance Practice of TriFinance guided me through these missions. Within the framework of internal control, I strongly believe in “control that matters (read also the interesting blog from my RMC colleagues”) and assisted in performing control rationalizations (reducing the number of controls but strengthening the quality of the controls).

  • People & stakeholder management 

During my projects, a big part consisted of people and stakeholder management. Both in the spectrum of planning and reaching the objectives of the team, coordination with auditors and other external stakeholders. Facilitating change has always been a key challenge during my missions. I learned to adapt my approach to the culture and tailor it to each specific client and their project methodologies.

  • Process improvements

Although I have always been working on operational projects, simultaneously, I have always been involved in process improvement. Working operationally in the team has a lot of advantages: it is you who has executed the process, which gives a more in-depth understanding of the key challenges. I don’t believe in statements such as “it is not possible” or “it won’t work” as I have often seen that with the correct processes all problems can be solved. Rethinking processes and looking at them from a different angle has proven an effective way to overcome these problems.

Furthering Myself

Besides interesting missions, I am also a member of the Risk Management and Compliance Practice where I am able to share my vision on several risk and compliance domains via blogs (*) or via guest lectures and workshops at several universities. This enabled me to share this expertise for financial institutions about different risk management domains. In addition, I was always supported to pursue my personal learning objectives in both project management and financial analysis. I have obtained several certifications including Prince2 Foundation Certification in 2016, Agile Project Management Certification in 2017, the Green Belt – Lean Certification in 2018. Finally, I became a Certified Financial analyst (CFA) Charterholder in December 2019.

During my time at TriFinance, I have also taken on the role of a mentor for other consultants. I try to add value and provide support for their missions. Being able to mentor other consultants allows me not only to develop others, but also to learn from them and have a broader view on ongoing projects and challenges in the financial services industry.

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