Consulting at TriFinance: creating your own opportunities

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The importance of learning by doing

Pushing boundaries with the right mindset

Changing context and new challenges to keep motivated

The author of this articleCaroline Ducat - Project Consultant
My story at TriFinance Financial Institutions is quite special as the first day of my new career as a project consultant was also the first day of a mission for a client I knew very well as I had been working there for 6 years. However, working as a consultant gave me the flexibility to switch from one project to another and to remain interested and motivated by the different assignments.

For my first assignment at that time, I had the pleasure to join an existing team of TriFinance consultants already working on various projects for the Finance department of the client. My first mission was mainly focused on bookkeeping and mortgage loans.

ALM in a very exciting context

After about one year, I expressed my willingness to explore new areas and after an interesting discussion with the CFO, I was proposed to join the Asset & Liability Management (ALM) team in a very exciting context, namely the merger of two medium-sized Belgian retail banks. During this project, I had to ensure the convergence of the liquidity management and reporting between the two banks but also with the methodology applied by the head office. This project covered many areas such as impact analysis, improvement measures, writing specifications.

Once the merger between the two banks was finalized, I joined the Regulatory Reporting team that needed to be reinforced. Following my previous assignment, I was in charge at that time to produce and put in place all new reports linked to Liquidity, Single Resolution Board but also Interest Rate Risk.

From liquidity reporting to capital requirements

After my maternity leave, I was asked to come back to support the Regulatory Reporting team in a huge project affecting the whole bank, aiming at replacing the complete IT infrastructure. In this context, I switched from liquidity reporting to capital requirements. This new expertise field to discover was for me a challenge but also a way to find interest and motivation in my work after my return. My main objective in this project was to facilitate the implementation of the Common Reporting Framework, (COREP) while ensuring the continuity of the reporting process. Finally, I was also involved in a project on Mortgage Loans which brought me closer to the core business of a retail bank.

If you have the willingness and the mindset to create your own opportunities, you can definitely push your own professional boundaries.

Learning by doing, even without previous experience

Being a TriFinance project consultant gave me the opportunity to be involved in several projects, each of them enabling me to broaden my knowledge. I really believe in learning by doing, without previous experience in some areas.

From these experiences, I will mainly remind that when you start a project, you never know how the context can change and which opportunities will be offered to you as a consultant. But if you have the willingness and the mindset to create your own opportunities, you can definitely push your own professional boundaries.

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The author of this articleCaroline Ducat - Project Consultant

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