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In this reference case, we take a look at a client’s project where Olivier Uyttendaele, Project Manager at TriFinance Financial Institutions, added significant value by reviewing and updating the service distribution process. The TriFinance approach, including not only the advisory component but also the implementation part, resulted in a future proof, sustainable and profitable process.


Our client is a European leasing company.

Why TriFinance?

Thanks to both our previous track record within the organization and our specific TriFinance approach combining our do-how approach (pragmatic advice and expertise) with the actual implementation we were able to optimally support the client. It was important for the client that we not only came up with a solid solution but that we also implemented this in all layers of the company.

The challenge

The client was in need of a review of the current services distribution process. The update was needed to make sure the process was future proof, so sustainably profitable.

For the first part of the mission, the focus was on the advisory component of our approach. We were asked to propose a new distribution scheme and receive validation of all stakeholders. This required a thorough understanding of the front- and back-office processes, analysis of existing and potential (insurance) partners and customers, combined with knowledge of the current legislation and a strong cooperation with the group’s (inter)national legal department. Making sure all stakeholders were on board required a strong yet clear communication plan.

Once the validation was achieved, our other strength, the implementation part came into play. The new process was described and implemented with the involved parties. A pilot partner was identified and once launched, a close monitoring of process efficiency and commercial success was performed. As this pilot was successful, the final step was to deliver and hand-over a roll-out plan to implement the process in the entire unit.

Olivier managed to keep the focus on results and long term improvements when identifying issues.

The result

Given the history of the project before TriFinance came on board, the customer expressed its gratitude that due to our pragmatic approach, in a short period of time compared to the historical discussion, we were able to align all stakeholders and implement a validated solution. They underlined that this was a great step for the organisation in maintaining their current and ensuring their future business model. Not only did we promise a know-how and do-how approach, we delivered this as well, by maintaining the focus, communicating this clearly on all levels, support operationally where needed and although being able to work autonomous yet really co-create with the client.


These types of projects remind me why I love being a consultant, being able to dive into an organization, get to know their characteristics, people and advise on a way forward. Although the subject and approach were known, it was my first experience in the (vendor) leasing sector. Thanks to this project, I could broaden my knowledge of the financial sector and its many aspects. Looking back I’m proud of having contributed to this project. We made sure the client is able to continue adding value for its business, partners and customers. 

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  • For more info you can always contact Olivier Uyttendaele: or 0473/86 60 70. 
  • For more case studies: take a look on our website

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