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The author of this articleHanne Hellemans - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support
Finding motivated employees and generation management are two main concerns of CFOs today. This became apparent during the latest ‘inspiration lunches’ of the Blue Chip Boutique (BCB) Transition & Support Antwerp/Limburg. These networking events are an example of how TriFinance facilitates and promotes knowledge sharing. 

Recently, our Blue Chip Boutique organized four networking lunches in Antwerp, Limburg and Kempen for the second time. We bring around ten CFOs and Finance Managers together for an informal meeting. These guests represent large companies, located in the same region and from various sectors (food, transportation, production, retail, etc.). This formula has proven to be a success, because the informal set-up of the event opens up the dialogue more easily. TriFinance is pre-eminently a network organization, and therefore, facilitates opportunity to bring experts together. 

CFO lunch at Dinner on the Lake

The lack of resources on the current labour market makes it difficult for finance departments to find suitable people. That is why CFOs think, for example, that you can no longer set up a Shared Services Center as a ‘factory’ in which employees perform services like booking invoices. They realize that you have to valorise employees and give them space to develop themselves. Even when it comes to soft skills: you have to stimulate them to suggest ideas. In short: working bottom-up is the key message. 

You have to valorise employees and give them opportunities to further themselves.

During the lunches, CFOs discussed ‘generation management’. Young people have different expectations than older generations. They consider adapting to be the most normal thing in the world and they prefer to ‘shape’ change themselves. That is precisely the type of employee that TriFinance is looking for. Pragmatic people who take their own career in their hands and do not shy away from new challenges. 

This makes our organization future-proof, but it also brings along some challenges. TriFinance adapts by encouraging people to think actively about their growth path. We guide them in making choices by offering mentoring, career coaching and a range of online tools that help employees to visualise their growth path. We consider it a given to help them grow faster and to find their next destination. 

In our Blue Chip Boutique, we recently took the initiative ‘one day at the office’. Project Consultants are given the opportunity to work at a TriFinance office for one day a month. This way, they can share knowledge with other consultants doing similar projects and encourage each other to come up with fresh ideas. 

In addition to the ‘war for talent’, the CFOs talked about the increasing importance of soft skills in the workplace and about their concern on sustainability. Both themes are in line with the other expectations that companies have from their finance department, such as automation. This does not necessarily lead to saving of resources, but it gives the opportunity to focus on other important topics such as business partnering, risk management and sustainability KPIs. 

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The author of this articleHanne Hellemans - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support

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