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Doing things right starts with having the right information. For the business to make quick decisions, Finance departments must be able to deliver all relevant information as soon as possible. That information should include data from sources much broader than mere financial systems. In a crisis mode, we especially need to focus attention on sales data to stabilize the business and on HR data to maintain the necessary capacity and expertise to deliver.

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Management Information & Systems
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Our Blue Chip Boutique Management Information & Systems (MI&S) has extensive knowledge of reporting and Power BI. They have different predefined cubes and can deliver dashboards in a few days. In the predefined financial statements, also a Cash Flow statement is included.

MI&S has built dashboards for all the mainstream financial and operational systems, and they know how to connect to these systems. User-friendly tools enable business end-users to work with the information and more elaborated decisions can be made.

If Power BI is already in use in your organization we can upgrade the application or can train and coach the users to a higher level. Most of the work can be done remotely thanks to our specifically developed methodology.

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