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At TriFinance, we encourage our colleagues to take control over their own career. We support them to leave their mark. Discover how Helena, Program Manager Public Sector, leaves her mark. 

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"I enjoy going to work"

Freedom, trust, change, challenge, sustainability. Five words that Helena Vandekerckhove (31) puts forward. "I go to work with pleasure and want to keep it that way. That's my ambition." For three years now, she has been on a project in Roeselare where, thanks to her own initiative, she has developed from helping with the purchasing department to becoming the program director for 'Climate'.

Helena is a pedagogue (UGent). It makes one wonder how she ended up at TriFinance? "Many pedagogues choose the public sector: schools, pupil guidance centers, care institutions... Only that is often a hierarchical environment with fixed processes and rules. I don't want that top-down approach, but I do like working for the common good."

Dilemma solved

Our network organization solved her dilemma. "TriFinance offers the best of both worlds: the public sector and the corporate working environment. I can live up to my commitment to the public cause, especially around sustainability, and work in a biotope where I can fill in tasks myself, decide what my career path looks like."

The purchasing department of the city of Roeselare, where Helena started working for TriFinance 3 years ago, was in full restructuring. She was involved in circular purchasing. That involves, among other things, the lifespan of the goods, the possibilities of repairing them and finally taking them apart for recycling. 

"I was 'customer advisor' for the internal services when there was a big purchase to be made. I did the preparatory work with the potential buyer, the technical department for example. The file then went to the employees who drew up the specifications and put them in the market."

Carte blanche

In her role at the purchasing department, Helena had to deal with the broader context of the climate plan that Roeselare was rolling out. That implementation was not going smoothly enough and she suggested to get involved. The city promptly responded: make us an offer. And TriFinance gave Helena carte blanche. "That trust and freedom at TriFinance is so motivating!"

In its current phase, her project as ‘program director for Climate' includes: monitoring actions and projects, stepping in when actions are not going well or a colleague is experiencing difficulties, coordinating policies and operations, looking for new project grants, initiating new actions, organizing workshops with colleagues from multiple departments, looking for external partners for new actions.

"I want to have impact, to contribute on a positive project. These two are linked for me. The fact that I can bring both together in my job really gives me energy," says Helena.


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At TriFinance, we encourage our Project Consultants to take control over their own career, and we support them in doing so. Our purpose is to help them grow, and enable them to leave their mark.

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