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At TriFinance, we encourage our colleagues to take control over their own career. We support them to leave their mark. Discover how Cosie, Profitability Expert, leaves his mark. 

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"If you state where you want to go, you get the opportunity to do it"

"There is no competition among us here. Over and over again, we help each other out when needed." Project Consultant Cosie Goudesone (31) is working for TriFinance, his first employer, for almost 10 years now. For him, consulting means growing faster in your career and therefore, providing increased added value to the customer. "TriFinance goes out of its way to be responsive to your needs," he emphasizes.

As a newly graduated master's degree in Commercial Science from Hogeschool Ghent, Cosie was able to join one of the big four in the audit department. "However, I wasn't sure in which direction I wanted to develop myself. I did not want to push myself in one direction too hard. That's why I chose TriFinance. I was going to get multiple types of projects, and be able to learn what my preference was."

Getting energy from giving insight into profitability

"During my first 3 years at TriFinance, I experienced that I get energy from giving insight into profitability. ERP systems are very important for this and that's how I ended up in Management Information & Systems. You get a lot of opportunities to develop here."

Optimizing ERP systems to improve reporting and business effectiveness is part of Cosie's job today. He already did quite a few SAP projects. "You can compare it to a car. Everyone wants to be at the wheel of a good car knowing which direction they are going. I look under the hood of the car, as it were, and make adjustments, so that the vehicle is more efficient and reliable. Through the optimal placement of information within an ERP system, you can get the best reporting out of it. This required information is not only to be found in the ERP system itself. Very often very useful information can be extracted from an MES and WMS system".

"It is sometimes puzzling to be able to integrate the right financial concepts. Every customer is different, but the concepts are not. We don't program ourselves. We position ourselves between IT and the business, between finance and logistics, between production and finance. We break through silo thinking. And that's what makes it interesting for me."

Mentor Luc came by every week for one or two days

Cosie explains that his first project as a member of the MI&S team was not easy. "Fortunately, my mentor Luc came by every week for one or two days. But I can also turn to my manager or my other colleagues, both for issues and for how to approach things."

‘Easy' is not the word that fits Cosie's achievements as a triathlete. Sports are in his genes. From childhood, there was soccer, volleyball, judo and cycling. "I've been intensely involved in triathlon for the last 7 years. In the winter, I train about 10 hours a week. That's sometimes double in the summer."

Combining SAP expertise with a more commercial role & training

At TriFinance, you can switch gears perfectly, he emphasizes in conclusion. And that is what he has done again recently. He is going to combine his expertise in SAP projects with a more commercial role. "I will participate in the exploratory discussion and the preliminary phase of the project if it is in the area of profitability, operational insights and the corresponding impact on operational profitability." 

Cosie also points out that he has been giving training courses for several years. "I had indicated that I was interested in doing so. Since then I have been sharing my knowledge about the fundamentals of MI&S, cost accounting and Excel for controllers. If you state clearly where you want to go, you will get the opportunity to do it."


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At TriFinance, we encourage our Project Consultants to take control over their own career, and we support them in doing so. Our purpose is to help them grow, and enable them to leave their mark. 

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