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At TriFinance, we encourage our colleagues to take control over their own career. We support them to leave their mark. Discover how Celien, Consolidation Consultant, leaves her mark.

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"Give me the world of consultancy"

"Working in permanent employment suits me less. I prefer to be a Project Consultant." Celien De Viaene (31) started working at TriFinance after her studies. For a while, she chose for another employer. But then she came back.

TriFinance was her first employer. For 2,5 years, she worked on projects for Blue Chip Boutique Transition & Support (T&S) Ghent. These were mainly operational assignments in bookkeeping and project management support.

Then she opted for a permanent position at another employer, but after 2,5 years, she felt like she had seen it all. "I missed the variety and the specific connection with the colleagues at TriFinance."

Celien stayed in touch with TriFinance's Business Manager Anouk Gillis, who called her occasionally to ask how she was doing. As a result, the conversation between her and TriFinance never completely stopped. She applied again and with success.

TriFinance listens and acts

Celien says that her current project as a Commercial Controller in a manufacturing company fits perfectly within her career path. "In the most recent conversation with my managers at TriFinance, I had indicated that I preferred a project as a Commercial Controller, where I could deepen my knowledge of SAP. My latest project was the perfect match."

"TriFinance really listens to what you want. I know that the match can't always be perfect. It is a game of supply and demand. However, a seemingly less attractive project may turn out to be interesting after all, and vice versa. I don't say 'no' to a proposal easily. Only an objective reason, such as the workplace being too far from home, can make me refuse."


She appreciates the guidance TriFinance offers her. "I feel supported by my colleagues and I have done nice projects over the last few years. Learning and being able to work in many different companies; that's what I want. And to bring added value to the customer, of course." Last year, Celien was Team Lead Accounts Payable and she can increase her knowledge of SAP in her current project. 

Next time, she would like to have a project where she learns to work with Power BI. "Seeing connections between data. Knowing how they are related. I find that very interesting and it would suit me, because I'm pretty analytical." Celien is also looking forward to a project in the construction industry. "There, I will meet a different type of person than I do today. Project controlling of large construction works appeals to me."


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At TriFinance, we encourage our Project Consultants to take control over their own career, and we support them in doing so. Our purpose is to help them grow, and enable them to leave their mark.

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