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At TriFinance, we encourage our colleagues to take control over their own career. We support them to leave their mark. Discover how Anne, Internal Audit Specialist, leaves her mark. 

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"Consultancy is a bit like playing soccer"

She already traveled to the United States, Mexico and India for TriFinance. Project Consultant Anne Binard (30) loves the helicopter perspective on processes, which consultancy offers her. Improving these processes is what she likes best. "Consultancy is a bit like playing soccer: we work together towards a common goal", says Anne, who has been playing soccer frantically for 4 years herself.

She got to know TriFinance during a job fair at the KULeuven where she obtained her master's degree in Business Administration. "I had already decided to become a consultant. It suits my personality and my ambitions. The fact that TriFinance focusses on its employees and their development really appealed to me. It became my first employer and I have been working here for more than 5 years."

Interest in internal audit

"When I first started working, I didn't know what direction would suit me best. Through my studies, I already had an interest for internal audit." She did two major projects on Purchase-to-Pay and Controlling at first. "I discovered that I get a lot of energy from process improvement: supporting the customer in streamlining processes by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks."

Internal audit, which she has been working in for the last 2 years now, definitively became her expertise of choice. "Improving processes. Reducing risk of fraud. Analyzing data. In internal audit, you don't have to be an expert in a specific field. You need to have a good understanding of how processes work and what controls are needed to keep the processes efficient."

Green Belt course

Anne already did internal audits in Finance, HR, Inventory, Supply Chain and Contract Manufacturing. Thanks to TriFinance, she’s studying to obtain the CIA certificate (Certified Internal Auditor) as an internal auditor. She took the 'Green Belt' course, which teaches techniques to analyze and improve processes, in 2018.

Flexibility is also part of our expertise

The following year, she traveled to the United States, Mexico and India with her Expert Practice Leader and a colleague. All together, they spent six weeks on the international trail for a global player in the petrochemical sector. "We went everywhere to see if the policies and rules, which were developed by the company in the US, were known and followed. To find out something like that, it's best to go on site. That really has added value. It gives you a better understanding of the local situation and culture. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis has been making this impossible for some time now. But we adapt. Flexibility is also part of our expertise."


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At TriFinance, we encourage our Project Consultants to take control over their own career, and we support them in doing so. Our purpose is to help them grow, and enable them to leave their mark.

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