Performance & Data management in Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

Performance & Data management in Financial Institutions

Your challenges

Improve data quality and data governance

Embed performance management in all your processes

Track benefits of major transformations

TriFinance delivers performance and data improvements to drive and monitor strategic decisions for Financial Institutions confronted with major transformations and/or cost reductions.

Performance management

Upgrading Performance Management will help financial institutions to overcome the many challenges they are facing. In order to mitigate system limitations, organizations have increasingly been using ad-hoc excels and end-user computing applications. 

That’s why the first step towards a Performance Management upgrade would be investing in a more efficient and flexible IT solution to steer performance.

In co-creation with your people, we will take care to embed Performance Management in each process and initiative. Our consultants will highlight the importance of proper data governance and data quality, increasing awareness among your people.

We create synergies between departments that use similar data for reports and models, but still use their own databases, which is especially the case for the Risk and Finance departments and between the Business/Strategy and Performance Management departments.

Our consultants will highlight the importance of proper data governance and data quality, increasing awareness among your people.

Real business partners

Financial Institutions need more than just the typical controller. They need a real finance and performance business partner. 

The first step is an assessment of the current data quality, data governance and performance management level. Our experts then provide key recommendations and a toolkit to embed performance management in every process and initiative. 

Within Performance Management, we deliver pragmatic solutions for Financial planning & analysis (Financial controlling, Cost controlling, Budgeting), Strategic planning, Benefit management, and Risk management & Compliance.

Data management

To enable strategic decision-making, proper and solid data management must be in place for high-quality data to be available at the very core of every report.

TriFinance can provide valuable support in the following fields:

  • Implementation of a data governance framework
  • Data quality improvement 
  • Implementation of a Data Quality Assurance framework 
  • Analysis of data requirements and identification of data gaps & bottlenecks

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