Reporting Power BI


Reporting Power BI

Your challenges

Provide the business with the insights required

Get fast and detailed financial, sales and HR reports

Get dashboards based on managerial data

To steer your business, you need correct figures and good insights. With MyInsights, we offer pre-configured Power BI reports, multi-entity, multi-currency, up and running in a few days. 


TriFinance developed a unique out-of-the-box reporting dashboard: MyInsights. It is based on both Power BI and our extensive experience in reporting. MyInsights contains pre-packaged and detailed financial, sales and HR reports. It connects to your data sources and reports your figures fast, even when dealing with multiple legal entities and different currencies.

Insights beyond systems

Our experts are functional consultants with extensive expertise in managerial reporting. We know which performance indicators are important to steer your business. We provide them through comprehensive pre-configured visuals in top-notch technology. In only a few days, the data from all your source systems is presented in actionable dashboards.

Accounting figures are backward-looking and statutory focused. They do not deliver all the insights you need. We work with management data. With traditional BI projects often turning out being too expensive and too complex, we packaged all our know-how into one simple pre-configured solution.



TriFinance developed a unique MyInsights reporting solution for the public sector called MATiz. It is based on both our experience in the public sector and the design and setup of Power BI reports. MATiz contains pre-packaged and detailed financial, HR, strategy and taxation reports and can be extended according to your individual needs. It connects to your data sources and reports your figures fast and automatically, across the different local entities (city, OCMW, AGB, etc.).

MATiz enables you to connect your BBC (Beleid en Beheer Cyclus) data with HR and Strategy data so you can take your management information to the next level.

Who will support you

Our flexible, pragmatic, tailor-made solutions are typically a combination of operational support, and specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge or pragmatic advisory methodologies. 

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