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TriFinance and Tri-ICT are part of ParkLane Insight

ParkLane Insight

ParkLane Insight is our management company, overseeing the TriFinance and Tri-ICT brands. 

We put people first and support them to take their career into their own hands. We approach the market of candidates and customers differently with a new combination of services called Do-How. The basic company model rests on the ‘Tri’ (read: three) pillars: 

  • the Hub Philosophy: our CareerHub™ is like an airport, with professionals coming and going, seeking new destinations through challenging projects. By putting people's development first, we create Economies of Motivation® that are more powerful than economies of scale. This results in a win-win-win situation for the Me inc.®’er, the client and ourselves, as an organization.
  • our Do-How Service Philosophy: a new combination of secondment/staffing (capacity) and consultancy (know-how), realized by experienced individuals who combine deep industry experience with conceptual and methodological knowledge.

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At ParkLane Insight, we strive for a healthy balance between doing and reflecting.


TriFinance operates through a network of Blue Chip Boutiques and Expert Support Units and offers a wide range of tailor-made services in finance, operations and advisory in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg. In addition to transition & support, pragmatic advisory and implementation, we also offer recruitment and selection services and training. 

Multidisciplinary teams offer solutions to financial institutions, corporates, SMEs and the public sector. 

Our expertise is built around four knowledge domains: 

  • Finance & Business Operations
  • Performance Management & Improvement
  • Enterprise Transformation
  • Project, Process & Change Management


Tri-ICT focuses on specific IT domains where the impact on the business is significant. We’re not a classic infrastructure or software integrator. Tri-ICT is built around three knowledge domains: 

  • Enterprise Architecture 
    We guide organizations in their digital transformation and think along with them how technology can be helpful in that process. We map the existing (system) architecture and help determine the future one. We facilitate the testing of new ideas and their implementation, and we provide coaching and training.
  • Data for Business  
    Our IT professionals support organizations in the use of technology in reporting. Examples include: transforming databases, consolidating data from different data sources, and addressing web services for relevant reporting and dashboards.
  • Professional IT Services
    We help organizations find IT experts. This can be our consultants as well as freelancers and permanent staff. Besides their technical knowledge, our highly skilled professionals have insight into the business, and especially in the impact of technology on it.

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