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At TriFinance, we encourage our colleagues to take control over their own career. We support them to leave their mark. Discover how Ruben, Performance Manager, leaves his mark. 

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"I never feel alone on a project"

"The contact with TriFinance is always easily possible when I am at the customer. I never feel alone on a project and can always call my mentor to discuss issues or share successes." It is one of the many points that Project Manager Ruben Verelst (33) really appreciates about our network organization. He has been working at TriFinance for 11 years.

"I chose consultancy after my studies because it allows a lot of variation while offering stability at the same time. It would enable me to experience what I prefer and what not. And I wanted to work in a small-scale environment that puts people first. That's why I chose TriFinance and I've been there for more than a decade."

Helping people

Consultancy, he says, enables him to help people. "That's what I like to do: help the client to get ahead and learn from it myself. That way I kill two birds with one stone." Another plus of TriFinance is the flat structure of the organization. "You can just walk in and have a chat with the managers. The top people are very approachable." 

Is there another plus? "The many events that are organized. You get to know each other better, which makes it easier to find each other when you have a question." Yet another advantage? "Maybe the main one: TriFinance gives you a lot of trust, gives you a lot of freedom and invests in you. You matter." Furthermore, Ruben believes it is important that TriFinance's values align with his own.

He did projects in the corporate world and within financial institutions. He notes that although some assignments may not initially prove interesting, "it then pays to look further, take initiative, communicate and position yourself. This often results in a win-win situation for yourself and for the client." In any case, he learned through experience that assignments in the financial sector suit him best.

Project Manager and mentor

Meanwhile, Ruben has become a mentor himself. "Sharing my knowledge. Helping people. I get to know myself better through it." His growth path also led him to leadership over the ‘Performance Management’ domain within the Blue Chip Boutique 'Financial Institutions'. He steadily increased his knowledge thanks to challenging projects and the training he attended. 

In addition to the people who guide you, TriFinance has a range of online tools that fuel your self-reflection and help you along your career path. "Those tools give a picture about where you are professionally and where you want to go, what skills you have and which are needed for the next step. TriFinance then facilitates how to get there."

"Our network organization thinks with you as an individual and does not wave away your personal life in the process. For example, they take into account that we are having our second child this year. In addition to the pure numbers, the organization always watches over the human aspect. The services that stand behind each Project Consultant, the BaseCamp, ensure stability. That is a great reassurance when you are moving from project to project."


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