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Check the maturity level of your organization's key disciplines, processes, technologies, and functional domains

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The importance of assessing your organization's maturity levels

Understanding organizational effectiveness and performance starts with measuring key dimensions.

The TriFinance Intelligence portal offers you a set of online tools to quickly assess your organization's maturity level for domains such as Business Process Management, Credit Management, and Robotic Process Automation.

Assess key process, technology, and functional domain maturity levels. See how you score. Get your personal report. Benchmark your organization.

Check your organization’s maturity level in three easy steps

Assessing your BPM maturity

With process management located in individual departments, an organization’s comprehension of its end-to-end processes is typically limited and fragmented. How is your organization doing?

Assessing Credit Management maturity

Once aligned to the business strategy, the Credit department can generate more business value and more profound insights. Where is your Credit department standing?

Get support from our experts

Assessing your organization’s maturity level by taking our online scan is the first step. Your score represents your perception of the process or domain maturity you have been assessing. The full report puts that score into context, highlighting strengths and weaknesses that you might need to analyze further.

TriFinance experts can help you gain essential insights to improve your processes, moving your organization up the maturity ladder. They can support you with an in-depth analysis of your processes, create end-to-end transparency and take the right actions, avoiding pitfalls that might cost a lot of money.


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