Webinar: the importance of working with the Federgon quality label Projectsourcing

Why a quality label?

Increasingly, companies are deploying external specialists for a short or long-term assignment

The label ensures companies that they work with trustworthy external parties are trustworthy

TriFinance's Kristoff Temmerman, chairman of the Federgon comittee, explains how and why during the Federgon and Agoria webinar on October 8th

The author of this articleKristoff Temmerman - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support
At TriFinance, the Federgon quality label 'certified member project sourcing' (CMP) adorns each of our contracts. The label ensures our clients that they work with an ethical and reliable external partner. As ever more companies are deploying project-based specialists, the label also gains importance. That's why clients are invited to the Federgon and Agoria webinar on October 8th.

Project-based specialists

Increasingly, companies are deploying external specialists for a short period or a long-term assignment. Federgon, the sector federation of HR service providers, has developed a quality label that enables professionals to work in a safe and responsible environment: Certified Member Project Sourcing


Reliable and ethical providers

Companies carrying the label, such as TriFinance, guarantee fair wages and employment contracts, in line with social and fiscal legislation. "Whoever carries the quality label 'Certified Member Project sourcing' does not, for example, engage in social exploitation and bonded labor. A CMP stands for fair pay, sustainability, and corporate responsibility," says Kristoff Temmerman, TriFinance business leader and chairman of the Federgon expert group on project sourcing. "This way, clients can count on working with a reliable and ethical service provider for their projects."

The quality label 'project sourcing' enables external professionals to wok in a safe and responsible environment

Beacon of trust

The CMP has been a fundamental part of TriFinance for several years now because it perfectly fits its values. As a result, TriFinance's Kristoff Temmerman was appointed chairman of the Federgon committee 'project sourcing.' 

According to Temmerman, companies are increasingly drawn towards external parties that bear the label. "The reason is twofold", he explains. "Firstly, as more and more companies are deploying external specialists, the number of suppliers grows. So for companies, it's often difficult to know whether you're engaging a reliable new partner."

Secondly, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become the norm for most companies. "And engaging external parties bearing the 'project sourcing' label is a safe choice", Temmerman adds. "That way, companies assure themselves to comply with the complex Belgian workforce laws, they avoid unpleasant surprises, and they meet their CSR standards."

About the webinar

On Thursday, October 8th, Temmerman co-hosts the introductory webinar on the quality label together with Federgon and Agoria. Agoria, which represents all technology-inspired companies in Belgium, is a strong ambassador for the Certified Member Project Sourcing label.  

Join the one-hour introductory webinar on the CMP for project staff, clients, and service providers for free. Why is the label important for your company? How can you protect your company against fraudulent practices, and what best practices can you adopt?

See you on October 8th (13h-14h)!

More information and registration via the Agoria website.


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The author of this articleKristoff Temmerman - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support

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