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More than ever, a strong finance team is essential to company growth. A smooth-running department supports management to seize business opportunities based on insightful analyses. However, too many finance professionals are unaware of their own skills and those of their peers, says TriFinance business partner Paul Kramer. “Consequently, they’re not doing what they’re best at. Uncovering the true strength and motivation of your team is the first step to making it into a profit center.”

What makes an exceptional business controller? What is the personality of an indispensable financial controller? Paul Kramer has dedicated his career to identifying the subject-matter strength and motivation of finance professionals. Kramer is partnering with TriFinance for a unique range of assessment & development tools, that identify the expertise, potential, and intrinsic motivation of individual professionals and finance teams. TriFinance and Kramer are a perfect fit because both parties believe in intrinsic motivation as a growth driver for both individuals ànd companies.

Some people like to play by the rules, others like to change the game. A successful finance team needs both
Paul Kramer, TriFinance business partner

How is it that finance professionals end up in roles that don’t suit them?

Paul Kramer: “Finance is a rather peculiar career domain. There’s no such thing as a master business controlling or CFO. At the start of your career, you obviously grind the numbers. Afterward, it’s less clear what path to follow. That’s why a lot of people end up somewhere with a job title, without knowing if it is what they’re really good at.”

Where’s the harm in that?

PK: “As a finance professional, you’re less motivated if you’re not fulfilling your true potential. And as a company, you miss out on the impact your finance team might have on creating business opportunities and growth. Now more than ever, with the crisis that we’re coping with, it’s a double win if companies succeed in putting the right man or woman in the right place.”

TriFinance Business Partner Paul Kramer: "Finance is a rather peculiar career domain."

You put a lot of effort in identifying financial controllers and business controllers. Why is that?

PK: “Because they’re the crux of a finance team. You need a lot of different profiles to compose a smooth-running finance team, but financial controllers provide the numbers that business controllers can work with to optimize and instigate change within the organization.”

How would you describe the difference between the ideal financial controller and the ideal business controller?

PK: “Above all, It’s a mindset. Some people are good at compliance and reporting, while others are focussed on improvement and impact. In other words: some people like to play by the rules, others like to change the game. They’re two essentially different profiles, and a finance team needs both to become a profit center. So the more you know about your team’s core strength and motivation, the more successful your team will become.”

If it’s a mindset, is it measurable?

PK: “It is. We’ve created unique development & assessment tools to identify the subject-matter strength and potential of finance professionals. There are no wrong or right answers, participants choose between a set of slightly different options. The nuances reveal the candidate’s authentic professional strength and indicate an affinity towards a specific role, such as business controller, finance manager, CFO, etc.”

The results of the online scans allow us to map individuals and teams based on their skills and true potential

The results are charted, comparing individuals and teams with their peers. Why?

PK: “Over 4.000 professionals have completed the scans and development assessments. So the charts make for perfect benchmarking material. We map individuals and finance teams based on their skills and potential, and the gaps and overlaps become visible. Everyone loves the charts. Participants are curious to know how their subject-matter strength compares with others, it isn’t something they can do often. It makes them feel more confident in their skill set and future career path. And for management, the insights have a direct impact on multiple levels, such as recruiting the right profile, initiating training and development tracks, and improving internal processes.”

TriFinance offers a range of unique online scans and in-depth development assessments to empower finance professionals. More

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