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The author of this articleHanne Hellemans - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support
As an international consultancy firm, TriFinance primarily focuses on the people it works with. TriFinance's innovative and comprehensive HR management enables employees to grow faster in their career. With the launch of HR services, TriFinance will also operationally support customers in HR, building on that experience. This opens up new career opportunities for various people.

Logical evolution

“TriFinance helps people grow faster professionally than in other organizations,” says Hanne Hellemans. “Supporting people in their growth is the reason for our existence. It is our purpose. We apply specific methods and invest in a lot of innovative HR projects, which in essence makes us an HR company with a lot of in-house expertise in Care, our name for HRM. In the academic world, we even serve as an example. In our daily operations, our Business Managers are already in touch with a lot of HR managers because of our services in training, recruitment & selection and assessment & development tools, so they understand their needs.”

Hanne Hellemans is Leader of the Blue Chip Boutique (BCB) Transition & Support in Antwerp and Hasselt, and will be the driving force behind the pilot project, that will primarily focus on operational support in HR. She will collaborate with Thomas Coppens, who returned to TriFinance. A few years ago, Thomas was Care Manager for the BCB Public. As he wanted to further specialize in HR, he decided to go elsewhere as that was not possible at TriFinance at the time. Today, it is, and that’s why he came back. Finding talented HR Project Consultants and attracting customers is his first mission.

Talent pool

“We already have a talent pool, because our internal employees, our BaseCamp, are also HR professionals. They play an important role in coaching our Project Consultants and finding projects that match their ambitions. In addition, each BCB has its Care Manager and we have an Expert Support Unit Care to support the entire organization. It could also be useful for them to gain experience in the field with customers. In any case, it helped me a lot to grow in my career,” explains Thomas.

Operational project experience has quickly broadened my knowledge of the HR function.
Thomas Coppens

Unique approach

Supporting Project Consultants in their growth happens primarily by offering them interesting projects in line with their ambitions. TriFinance has created a whole range of instruments to do this successfully. The organization does not have a traditional evaluation cycle. “We continuously enter into dialogue with our people about their talents and ambitions,” says Thomas Coppens. “Project Consultants can always turn to mentors for advice related to their project. They can also discuss their career progression with a career coach. TriFinance developed the Living Me inc.® tool, that maps the development and ambitions of employees.”

Our organization has a strong vision on putting people first. That also benefits the customer.
Hanne Hellemans

Hanne adds: “Our coaching approach is proactive. We look at how the person involved can make a difference in the labor market of the future based on his/her ambitions. There is an ongoing dialogue about ambitions and career path. Our organization focuses on putting people first, not the other way around. That also benefits the customer. A motivated and satisfied Project Consultant will perform better. That’s why we believe in Economies of Motivation.®”


Twenty years ago, TriFinance started with B2B operational support in finance, a service we call 'Transition & Support'. A lot of propositions have since been added. The lines between the various Blue Chip Boutiques are short, which offers cross-pollination and this benefits both employees and customers.

More information about what we can do for your HR department? Or are you interested in joining our team as an HR Project Consultant? Please contact us via

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The author of this articleHanne Hellemans - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support

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