TriFinance heads West, and opens a new office in Roeselare

Key Messages

Opening of a 13th TriFinance branch, because of increasing number of projects in the region

Working close to home in a flexible environment is the new normal

We provide qualitative finance jobs for West-Flemish professionals, effectively combatting the local brain drain

The author of this articleKristoff Temmerman - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support
TriFinance opens a new office, in Roeselare (West-Flanders, Belgium). The company keeps on growing, profiting from it's unique philosophy.

Team T&S Roeselare (from left to right): Carl-Philippe Verfaillie, Sarah D'hondt, Barbara Dewitte, Kristoff Temmerman

Global meets local

The province of West Flanders, which until now was served from Ghent, gets its own office because of the increasing number of projects there. As an international growth company, TriFinance is also looking for closer links with the region, because a lot of global companies are based in the border region. 

De-doubling operations

Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer (MD/COO) Xavier Gabriëls: "The ever-growing number of projects in West Flanders requires an office in the province. Just as we de-doubled our operations for the provinces of Antwerp and Limburg in 2018 by opening an office in Hasselt.  The West Flemish market is also strongly interested in our combination of Transition & Support, pragmatic consultancy and Recruitment & Selection."

Xavier Gabriëls, TriFinance managing director and COO

The Roeselare office offers the possibility to support organizations in the province even better and to convince people of our model who are looking for a purpose-driven organization with a unique philosophy for their further career development.
Xavier Gabriëls, managing director & COO

Economies of Motivation

TriFinance is active in the Benelux and Germany with its eight hundred employees. For its services, the network organization starts from the people it works with. Because a happy employee delivers better results. That benefits all concerned and delivers Economies of Motivation®.

"The fact that we take our employees as the starting point of our services is certainly no less important in the choice of an office in Roeselare. Being able to work independently and flexibly in a team is the work organization of the future. By giving the people we work with the opportunity to work closer to home, we kill several birds with one stone. It increases employee satisfaction and makes us more attractive to candidates. Ultimately, this also benefits the customer," explains Xavier Gabriëls.

Global playing field

TriFinance's model fits perfectly into the ever-evolving economic context, because it helps people grow, both at TriFinance itself and at its customers, who use its expertise to further professionalize.

With the opening of its office in Roeselare, TriFinance has its thirteenth office spread across the Benelux and Germany. For Belgium these are: Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve, Hasselt and Roeselare.


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