Project Consultant Christel is senior Bookkeeper at heart

“You can’t be a good Controller if you don’t understand the numbers lying before you.”

Bookkeeping & Controlling



Christel De Munter is a project consultant at T&S Brussels, TriFinance. She got to know TriFinance 10 years ago. At that moment, she worked as a Business Controller in a pharmaceutical company, where she met a few of our consultants. “I was really impressed by them and how they were talking about TriFinance. A bit later, there were reorganisations and some of the finance people left the company and started working at TriFinance. I admired them but didn’t dare to take the same step. Years went by and I did a few other jobs. Until one day, I saw a job offer of TriFinance, for a fixed position at one of their clients. I took my chance, had an interview at the client, but didn’t feel the connection that I did feel with TriFinance itself. Luckily they also saw the match and so I started here as a Project Consultant in 2016.”

Next step : Lead a team

Since then, she did two big projects in general bookkeeping. “The first one was as a Senior Bookkeeper, the second one was totally different as the scope widened step by step. It started as a project in the Accounts Payable department, where I was involved in the implementation of a new system, but also in the workflow, analyses, master data, etc. Everything went very well with the team and my supervisor. I had her full confidence and could lead the project until the go-live. There, I learned a lot.”

“For my next project, I’d really like to take the next step and lead a team. Unofficially, I already did it and I felt that it’s something for me. Moreover, it would be interesting for my next missions.
What’s helpful at TriFinance, is that they give you all the means to learn new things: there are many trainings, and people who support you, such as your technical mentor. Dialogue is always possible and sharing knowledge is part of our culture.”

Bookkeeping: the oil of a company

Christel likes to take that next step, but she consciously chooses to stay in Bookkeeping. “Many young people want to move on quickly into Reporting. They think it’s much more prestigious. I believe that bookkeeping has brought me many benefits. It is much more factual, concrete and precise, and there’s a lot of analysis in it. If you want to be a good and efficient Controller, then three months of Bookkeeping are insufficient to create the correct reflexes and to build up the right expertise. You need to take your time. At least, that’s what I did, and it brought me a lot because now I master bookkeeping.
Bookkeeping is really interesting as soon as you know that it’s the oil of a company. If the balances are not correct, and the profit and loss accounts not up-to-date, you won’t be able to do the necessary analyses. You can’t be a good Controller if you don’t understand the numbers lying before you. A good Bookkeeper can explain to a Controller how he has to make up his budget and different analyses.”

“I think that there are two reasons why there are fewer and fewer Bookkeepers. When I was studying, they already said that computers would gradually take over Bookkeepers’ tasks. Today they’re still saying it, although computers are still real human Bookkeepers. (laughs) The system would already have to be extremely efficient to replace a good Bookkeeper. And I think this won’t change. A second reason is that there’s a sort of devaluation of the function of Bookkeeper and finance people in general. Often you don’t see what finance people exactly do, except maybe for CFO’s.”

At TriFinance, it's always possible to have a dialogue.
Christel De Munter

Mentor of a Young Hub

“What I’m really proud of, is that thanks to my previous project, I helped a Young Hub to start his first project. My project was finished but needed a small follow-up. My supervisor didn’t want me to leave and then we proposed a Young Hub mission to her. She agreed on the condition that I would be the mentor. And that’s how I became Elias’ mentor, who is a Young Hub of October. Both the client and Elias are happy, and this really gives me energy.”

Note: Shortly after the interview, Christel started a new mission in a manufacturing multinational, where she is responsible for the A to Z Bookkeeping of 3 Belgian entities. “I’m able to use my expertise and to prepare myself for a future project where I would like to lead a team. I’m sure many more nice TriFinance projects will come my way.” (laughs)

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