Most-Read Insights of 2020

The author of this articleDirk van Bastelaere - Communication Manager CFO Services

#1 Financial institutions need to reinvent their workplace

Leave Your Mark panel discussion on careers in banking

Top bank executives about their careers, their role in the growth of employees and about the future of their sector: Who has the most successful career? The one without a career plan? Or those who thoroughly map out their career? Opinions are divided. This became clear during the virtual panel discussion TriFinance organized with the CEO of Belfius, Marc Raisière and Eric Pulinx, the deputy CEO of BNY Mellon. Read the article.

#2 "I have always had a clear career plan, and a Plan B."

An interview with Eric Pulinx

"I have always been attracted to working on hard banking matters. In fact, I quickly realized that I would make a career out of it." Eric Pulinx has been Deputy CEO and member of the Executive Committee of BNY (Bank of New York) Mellon's European bank since 2015. Read the interview

#3 Five Years at TriFinance: My Risk Management Consulting Journey - Wouter Spitaels

Get a glimpse of Wouter Spitaels' day-to-day activities as a commercial risk consultant at one of Belgium’s largest retail banks. Find out more about his work, the lessons learned and how he furthers his career and personal development at TriFinance. Read the article.

#4 How to optimize your Working Capital and Cash Flow forecasting - Filip Ceulemans

Reliable cash forecasting is essential if you want to mitigate liquidity risk during a crisis that erupted as suddenly as Covid-19. To reduce funding needs, optimizing your working capital is an important step. Working capital management allows a company to keep the working capital need as low as possible while freeing up cash that is tied up in the exploitation cycle. Companies that fall short of cash risk being dead in the water. Read the article.

#5 Five reasons to work with 'Zoomers' - Hanne Hellemans

Motivated employees. That's what every organization signs up for. Therefore it's good to know what drives people, especially young graduates. The youngest generation is Gen Z, and at TriFinance we know them well because we have many Project Consultants of that age. Here are five reasons to work with them. Read the article.

#6 Unlock the hidden potential of your finance team - Kristoff Temmerman

A strong finance team is essential to company growth. A smooth-running department supports management to seize business opportunities based on insightful analyses. However, too many finance professionals are unaware of their own skills and those of their peers, says TriFinance business partner Paul Kramer. “Consequently, they’re not doing what they’re best at. Uncovering the true strength and motivation of your team is the first step to making it into a profit center.” Read the article.

#7 The coronavirus in your Financial Statements - Mario Matthys

With the coronacrisis now taking its economic toll, the challenge to provide high-quality financial statements is present more than ever. Will companies succeed in providing the stakeholders with the right insights, not only for the current business and financial situation but also for its future viability? Read the article.

#8 Reporting on the retention of personnel - Serge Vigoureux

Employee retention is an important challenge for any organization. Companies should invest in their good employees and expect this to be reflected in a tenure.In order to work towards a win-win situation, a company of any size must have the necessary reporting so that they can follow these developments. Read the article.

#9 Young Hub Program supports Project Consultants to grow faster - André Greca & Cleo Marteleur

At TriFinance everything revolves around the growth of the people who work with us. For young graduates, we have a two-year Learning & Development program that provides extra guidance. This Young Hub program allows them to grow faster as a professional, which also benefits the client. "Working with young and motivated Project Consultants offers a lot of added value". Read the article.

#10 Shadow Banking and the Need for Financial Regulation - Rudi Sneyers & J. Ph. Thirion

At TriFinance, we have been monitoring the Wirecard scandal from very close. “FinTechs or ‘shadow bankers’ do not only challenge the Financial sector,” Jean-Philippe Thirion says, “they also put regulators and supervisors up to the test.” Read the article.

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