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The author of this articleKristoff Temmerman - Blue Chip Boutique Leader Transition & Support
The importance of finding and signing the perfect job candidate for your finance team has only gotten larger, because a solid finance team is essential to cope with the current circumstances. The application process has become more complicated, and our Recruitment & Selection (R&S) teams have amped up their game to help you get the right candidate swiftly.

“The whole process, from the first interview to accepting the job proposition, was completed in less than a month”, Charline says. “The QRF job had my name written over it, and the team kept me well informed throughout the application process.” Charline is about to start her new job as an accountant for QRF, a high end commercial real estate company that had engaged TriFinance to find an experienced bookkeeper.

TriFinance acted fast, communicated transparently, and helped us to find the perfect addition to our Finance team.
Caroline De Beer, finance manager at QRF

 “I had invited Charline for a talk without a specific vacancy in mind.”, TriFinance’s Cindy De Groote says. ‘We constantly and proactively expand our network of finance professionals. We put a lot of effort into discussing their goals and ambitions, mapping their strengths and skills, and getting a feel of their personality. Because knowing our candidates is knowing how to find the best solution for our clients. And getting to know our candidates proactively allows us to act fast when a client needs new talent."

I had a good feeling from the start. The TriFinance R&S team asked the right questions. And I felt like they understood what I was looking for.

What's in a name?

When looking for a new accountant for your team, it is often difficult to specify what kind of profile and skill set you require exactly. One accountant isn’t the other, though the job title is the same. A remote recruitment and application process is an extra challenge: how do you know you have the right candidate, based on a video chat? The experience and expertise of the TriFinance R&S team is an invaluable asset. We identify your finance team’s needs, and establish the perfect match with job candidates, taking into account their skills, personality, and values. 

“We knew Charline would be an excellent fit”, Cindy says. “Because we had visited the QRF offices for an in-depth interview with the finance manager and CFO. We knew exactly what kind of profile QRF was looking for, what kind of person would be a personal fit with the team, and what the company culture was.”

The one thing more

Charline, a certified accountant with lots of experience, would be able to take up more responsibilities than QRF had envisioned. “The most important factor was the personal fit though”, Cindy said. “I knew that the job at QRF would provide just the right professional challenge for Charline and that the work-life balance Charline valued was in line with that of the company.”

“After the first interview, it was clear that Charline matched our criteria”, Caroline De Beer, finance manager at QRF, says. The second interview was conducted online due to the lockdown, and three weeks after that first talk at TriFinance Charline accepted the proposal QRF presented. “It was a unique first day”, Caroline says. “We couldn’t give Charline a warm welcome in person, and we’ve been working remotely ever since.”

Passion first

“Our strength in recruitment and selection is two-fold”, the TriFinance team synthesizes. “On the one hand, we’ve got an in-depth knowledge of finance departments and how they function. We know that a job title could mean a lot of different things in finance, and that it’s important to truly understand the needs of a company before we start the matchmaking process.” 

Secondly and most importantly, we put the ambitions and the aspirations of our candidates first. Our passion is to make people grow, because personal growth is the driving force for company growth. Knowing our candidates and knowing the market result in creating the perfect fit for all parties involved. “And that”, Cindy, Eveline & Sophie conclude, “feels satisfying each and every time.” 

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