Virtual Expert Sessions

In April, we launched a series of ten virtual expert sessions on various topics that are very relevant in today's crisis. Your can find full reports of most sessions below.

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Working Capital & Cash Forecasting

Reliable cash forecasting is absolutely essential if you want to mitigate liquidity risk during a crisis that erupted as suddenly as Covid-19. To reduce your funding needs, it’s also crucial to optimize your working capital.
This session discussed the short and mid-term impact of Covid-19 on the financial side of your business. 

The session was hosted by our experts Filip Ceulemans, Benjamin Celis & Mario Matthys.

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Credit & Collection

As Covid-19 will probably put companies in financial peril, the need for effective and agile credit & collection is of utmost importance. As a part of your working capital, it has a direct impact on your available cash. But what makes your credit & collection effective and agile?

This session was hosted by our experts Filip Ceulemans & Benjamin Celis.

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"And now we work from home..." from IT perspective

Organizations were generally successful in facilitating new demands from the workforce. Most IT domains were impacted by the Covid-19 disruption: productivity, access, security, communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, processes, infrastructure... 
Did IT do a good job? How can we improve business continuity even more with technology? 

This session was hosted by our expert Nick Willemstein, Tri-ICT.

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Your controlling team is full of potential!

More than ever, strong Business Controllers can make the difference. They can help seize business opportunities based on insightful analyses. However, a lot of Business Controllers hide behind the numbers, and don't think in terms of business opportunities.

Business Controlling Specialist Paul Kramer developed a unique online scan to map the potential of your controlling team. With over 4000 Business Controllers who have completed the scan, it forms a reliable benchmark.

This session was hosted by expert Paul Kramer.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This crisis will prove to be an accelerator of digital transformation. For people working from home, not all critical systems are remotely accessible. With properly configured on-site robots having access to these systems, it becomes easy to develop and activate robot scripts from off-site locations.

In this session, we discussed how RPA can help ensure business continuity in times of crisis.

This session was hosted by our experts Benjamin De Leeuw & Stéphanie Struelens.

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Business Process Management

Covid-19 makes the transfer of knowledge, transformation, and getting connected end-to-end more relevant than ever before. Transformation is best initiated by bringing transparency to your processes and to the connections between processes, technology, and people. TriFinance experts explained how to create sustainability in processes and install a continuous improvement mindset, how to be in control and save costs.

This session was hosted by TriFinance experts Maddy Lauwers and Brigitte Dulak.

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Power BI Reporting

Power BI can help you to improve and automate your reporting. TriFinance experts demonstrated how to connect data, create dashboards and share insights. They also zoomed in on how to present your financials in a visual way.

This session was hosted by our experts Maarten Lauwaert & Evert Augustyns.

First footprints in Business Agility

An agile mindset and culture can help organizations deal with the world after Covid-19. ‘Responding to change’ is one of the key attitudes to foster. Agility is no longer nice to have. It is a must-have to survive and thrive in the future. 

This session was hosted by TriFinance experts Pieter Van Brussel and Jean-Alexis Dombret.

Cost Management

An optimal cost management for the short-, medium- and long term  is the clue to protect companies in these turbulent times. TriFinance experts shared their insights in how to foster stronger cost transparency, how to build effective cost models and how to identify the right measures to better manage costs.

This session was hosted by TriFinance experts Christophe Lemmens, Stéphanie Struelens and Filip Ceulemans.

Risk Management

Although the impact of the Covid-19 crisis varies across organizations, everyone is on new territory. To navigate this unprecedented situation, we shared our knowledge of what works and what doesn't. Evaluating the effectiveness of risk management in anticipating this kind of crisis, we will discuss the critical controls to protect your company when most operations are handled remotely. 

This session was hosted by our expert Jean-Marie Bequevort.

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