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Young Hub program

Fresh out of school (or soon to be) and ready to launch your career in finance and consultancy. That’s you! 

When you start your career as a young graduate, or as we like to call it ‘Young Hub’, you automatically enter our Young Hub program: a trainee program for the first two years after graduation. We start with a Bootcamp where we tackle key topics in finance and consulting. Business case studies demonstrate how theory is turned into practice. We pay attention to soft skills and include plenty of fun moments and team-building activities. You'll have no problem meeting your new colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. After this, you are ready to start on your first project. 

As a trainee, you will start at projects where we will familiarize you with the basics of the processes for example, bookkeeping, accounts payable and accounts receivable. At the same time, you get behavior and skills training. This fits within our Do-How approach; by understanding the basic processes in transactional analysis, you will get a competitive advantage in a later stage of your career, when practical solutions need to be developed in complex advice and implementation trajectories. 

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By understanding the basic processes in transactional analysis, you will get a competitive advantage in a later stage of your career, when practical solutions need to be developed in complex advice and implementation trajectories.

Meet your future colleagues

Our TriFinance Project Consultants are involved in projects in various domains: Finance and Business operations, Performance Improvement and Enterprise Transformation. We perform projects for corporates and within specific sectors such as Banking & Insurance or the Public sector. Curious what a working day looks like for Leentje or Wouter? Check out their stories and meet your future colleagues.

Why Choose TriFinance

Furthering our Young Hub

Your first job. Exciting! TriFinance is all about furthering people: your growth is our goal. When joining our Young Hub, you will get all the support and tools you need to build a unique career. You take the initiative, but you are not on your own in reaching your goals and ambitions. There is no me without we. 

Our values

A personal development plan

We give you the necessary tools and support to map your behavior, skills, and knowledge, and define your ambitions, which will be discussed with BaseCamp. This will be the starting point for your ambitious personal development plan, with clear and actionable goals.

Projects in line with ambitions

Around 70% of your learning will be achieved by learning on the job through projects. Every time you change your environment or project, you will grow as a professional and as a person. Together with BaseCamp, you will find interesting projects, as much as possible, in line with your personal development plan. 

Demand creation

In order to proactively create interesting missions for you, BaseCamp will use Plus Profiles. These profiles give a clear overview of both your expertise & achievements and your ambition.

Mentoring, Knowledge Sharing and Training

Mentoring, knowledge sharing and formal learning will lead to the other 30% of your personal development. We believe that sharing knowledge between consultants and therefore learning in two directions, results in faster growth. Your mentor, a more experienced colleague, will support you with specific challenges on your project.


Questions about your career path and personal development? Contact your career coach for a conversation with many ‘aha’ moments.

Updated personal development plan

As both your ambitions and your development are always in motion, we close the loop by updating your personal development plan, and make sure it remains actionable and future-proof.

ParkTime at TriFinance

We know how to throw a great party and celebrate with all Me inc.®’ers. We even organized our own TriFestival, complete with food trucks, DJs and some stunning outdoor accommodation #glamping. But it’s not all about the parties. People from different teams take the initiative to organize ParkTime moments for body and mind, a unique way to take a step back from the fast lane and interact with their colleagues. As such, TriFinance transcends its own organization structure with temporary coalitions, based on personal interest.

We for instance bond while training for and running a marathon or skiing together. Sometimes we push our project consultants even more. Would you jump out of a plane during a Me inc.® challenge? Our colleagues also take initiative to organize otherwise challenging events like our Book Club or other Knowledge Circles. Alternatively, get together and catch up with your fellow project consultants during one of our HomeBase events or work at the office once a month.

400 Me inc.® colleagues united!

Application process

Apply online

Kick-start your career with one push on the button: discover our Young Hub vacancy. Don’t hesitate to apply by uploading your resume and motivational letter. 

Phone interview

We want to know what motivates you to become a consultant within our Young Hub program. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask us pressing questions about our company and the job! 

Getting to know each other

During two or three face-to-face or online meetings, we will listen to your story, discover your competencies, get to know your soft and hard skills and your Me inc.® attitude. 


We feel the chemistry! We send you a proposal and answer all of your questions. Before you start, we will schedule a formal meeting to sign your contract and have a first walk through our offices to introduce you to your new colleagues. Next up: your start in our Young Hub Program. 

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