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Assessment and Development Tools

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Unlock the full potential of your finance team

Detect learning and development needs in your finance team

Test the finance competencies of your job candidate

Unlocking the full potential of a company’s finance team is an essential step towards company growth and development. TriFinance offers a unique range of online scans and in-depth development & assessment tools that empower finance professionals.

Strong finance teams

A finance team becomes a profit center when every man and woman is working from his or her core strength. TriFinance believes in intrinsic motivation, because it not only leads to value creation for individual professionals, it is a driving force for company growth.

Our unique approach is reflected in an exclusive range of online scans and in-depth development assessments that identify the expertise, potential, and intrinsic motivation of finance professionals. The scans objectively measure subject-matter strength and personal skills, our development & assessment experts add valuable competencies, traits, and insights. 

Thousands of finance professionals have completed the online scans, and hundreds of them have gone through the in-depth development assessments. The overall results allow us to map individual candidates and teams based on their skills and true potential.

  • Sign the right candidate

the TriFinance assessment & development tools reduce the chances of a mismatch considerably, and overall they provide ease of mind that the candidate has what it takes.

  • Develop the full potential of your team

The TriFinance assessment & development tools help organizations to get a clear overview of the individual potential of their employees, and how they fit together as a team. The result is a clear, powerful, and authentic picture of the team’s strengths and development needs.

The results of the online scans allow us to map individuals and teams based on their skills and true potential

Online scans for finance professionals

The online scans measure both the level of subject-matter expertise in a specific finance domain, such as financial controlling (Finance & Administration) or IFRS, and the potential a professional has for a specific role, such as business controller or CFO.

There are no wrong or right answers. It is only through authentic professional strength that a participant can distinguish between responses that are fully correct or just off the mark. The results indicate an affinity towards a specific finance role or finance domain.


  • Controller scan

The scan detects whether someone leans more heavily towards financial control or would be better suited in a business partner role 

  • CFO scan

The scan detects financial thinking power, indicates if a candidate can rise above the daily operational challenges, and is able to guide his or her team in the finance domain


  • Financial Control Standard scan 

The scan detects the level of proficiency in Finance & Administration and the added value professionals offer in their function The scan explores all aspects of F&A and bookkeeping on junior or medior level

  • Financial Control Plus scan

The scan detects the level of proficiency in Finance & Administration and the added value professionals offer to management. The scan explores all aspects of F&A and bookkeeping on expert or managerial level

  • IFRS scan

The scan detects the level of proficiency in IFRS, how to put it to use in daily practice, and the added value for management


The TriFinance Assessment & Development Tools identify the level of subject-matter brainpower in a specific finance domain. They differ from generic tests used by most companies.
Paul Kramer, assessment developer

Development Assessment

A Development Assessment can disclose the subject-matter expertise, as well as the personal skills of a participant in a powerful and respectful way. In which area of expertise does a participant show promise? What is his/her intrinsic motivation? How do we develop it? What are our benchmarks?

What to expect: 

  • the online scan, prior to the fixed date of the Development Assessment
  • an open-question business case with a selection of answers varying in nuance and depth
  • the assessor (an experienced CFO) invites the candidate to explore alternative solutions and deepens the answers
  • a personal characteristics test carried out by certified professionals
  • an in-depth interview with the candidate


We’d be glad to help you select the suitable online scan and/or other development & assessment tools tailored to your needs. Get in touch with our team! 


Our Development Assessments disclose the subject-matter expertise, as well as the personal skills of a participant in a powerful and respectful way

Powerful decision making

The online scans and Development Assessments have a strong and direct impact on personal and organizational growth. Participants value the findings highly. Not only do they gain insight into their true potential, candidates and team members also feel more confident in their subject-matter strength and future career path.

The results provide hands-on insights on which profiles to recruit, which kind of training and development tracks to be initiated, and how to improve internal processes. TriFinance is ideally suited to assist companies with each of these: discover our recruitment & selection services, our training offering, and our pragmatic advisory

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