Your challenges

Tackle talent shortage and peaks in workload

Streamline cash flows within international groups

Manage and optimize bank relationships

Efficient treasury operations and cash forecasts are key to manage your organization. Effective risk management and good banking relationships are vital for funding to be available at the right moment and as cost-effective as possible.

Treasury Operations

The registration of financial transactions can be costly and time-consuming. Cash pooling, payments from customers, cash recording in retail groups: all these flows need the right ‘do-how’ to install and run them smoothly, accompanied by the proper internal controls. We support the recruitment and training of staff.

Cash forecast

Translating operations and budget into cash forecast is necessary to meet all obligations to suppliers, financial institutions, etc. To achieve this, we centralize information from different systems and elaborate that single version of the truth in long, mid and short term scenarios.

TriFinance supports treasury departments in operations, cash forecasting and optimization. We cover financial risk management and advice on banking relationships.

Working capital

Optimizing the cash position of a company or group inevitably requires reworking the processes and flows of working capital components. TriFinance can provide in-depth knowledge of accounts payable, accounts receivable and credit management. Our experts can be deployed for inventory and supply chain optimization. In all these matters, we see to it that our multidisciplinary teams enter into a tight co-creation with your treasury department.

Managing banking relationships

Maintaining partnerships with banks stays vital for our clients. Changing and stricter regulations for banks make that partnership relation more complex than ever before. Combining business and banking expertise, TriFinance is in a unique position  to guide customers through the operationalization of this strategic function.


The automation of cash flows can be complex, with the use of different systems and making connections within the company, with clients, banks and other stakeholders. We help our clients by providing functional and system know-how to select and support to deploy, implement and provide training on the right software. 

Who will support you

Our flexible, pragmatic, tailor-made solutions are typically a combination of operational support, delivered by our Transition & Support Blue Chip Boutiques, and specific subject-matter expertise, industry knowledge and pragmatic advisory methodologies, delivered by CFO Services.

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