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Public Sector

Driven by the growth of people

We aim to create a community of professionals with sector-specific knowledge. Through extensive practical experience, our highly motivated consultants possess in-depth knowledge of the internal organization of various public institutions. 

Our team consists of 30 project consultants working in different types of organizations in the public and non-profit sector, such as local municipalities, flemish governmental organizations,..   They are supported by a BaseCamp team which operates as a self-steering team. Together they combine specific expertise and knowledge about the challenges and internal organization of various public institutions.

Strong alone, unstoppable together

Meet our self-steering team with 30 project consultants working in different types of organizations in the public and non-profit sector.

Where to find us…

  • Our BaseCamp team operates mainly from our offices in Antwerp.
  • Our Project Consultants give their best at our customers in the Flemish and Brussels regions. 
  • Our Business Consultants are constantly teaming up with professionals to get to know their aspirations and to help them find their next destination. 
  • Our Business Managers connect with organizations and their teams to talk about their challenges with regards to people, processes and systems.

Where to meet us....

  • At different local networking activities from different organizations, e.g. Vlofin, VVSG, etc. 
  • At several regional campus recruitment events, and guest lectures to connect with young professionals. 
  • We interconnect our clients and professionals with their regional peers during different events to share best practices and facilitate knowledge sharing. 

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